Best Self-Propelled lawn mowers 2019

Buying a mower for your garden can be a tricky task as you will be overburdened with choices of many brands of mowers and many have their benefits and drawbacks. However throughout this article we will aim simplify the process for you a lot  more eventually allowing you to pick up the best self propelled mower for you that match your specific needs. This includes whether you have trees or plants you which to preserve, the size of the garden or lawn and the physical abilities of the person that wishes to operate it.

Now if you have a garden or law that is on a hill or slight slope, then these types of mowers are extremely useful for this kind of scenario.  While all self propelled mowers  share the ability  to make mowing the garden easier they do come with unique and varied features which we will proceed to cover very shortly.


It would be best to choose a mower with a variable speed so you can decide how fast the mower goes. Main reason being that if you have a large volume of grass to cut and the mower goes to fast then the cut would not be as thorough or good quality compared to if you were to go slow. While varied speed is the better option the single speed mowers are not a bad choice and are often set at a middle range speed for cutting. However ultimately the better all around pick would be the model that has the varied speeds.

Front and rear wheel Drive and wheels

The front wheel drive mowers are generally good for the lawn that are level. Furthermore turning is easier since the wheels are at the front making it easy to maneuver.

On the other hand the rear wheel drive has better grounding and traction which is more ideal for those with lawns on hills.

So depending on the type of setting or grounding your lawn has it is best to go with the following conscience. For a level surface the front wheel will do some justice. Fora hill the rear wheel drive seems almost essential

There is one other type we haven’t covered yet and that is the all wheel drive. This gives you the best of both worlds giving you versatility to deal with different types of lawns.

It is also important to consider the wheel sizes. The standard size across the market is 8″. The general conscience is that the bigger the wheels the better traction. However for the front wheel drive models the wheels tend to be of standard size for the ability to be more maneuverable.

Further on the topic of wheels those models with ‘swivel’ wheels adds a greater advantage among the other models. The reason being is that these increase the maneuverability by considerable amounts and allowing you to make sharp turns smoothly. This is a great advantage especially those that have plants or trees they which to preserve in their lawn or garden.

Electric or petrol based mowers?

In terms of ease of use it would be easier to use the electric based mower based on the following sentence. Depending on the type of mower you have starting the mower will be different. For an electric mower all you have to do is make sure it is plugged in a appropriate power socket and just merely push a button or turn a key. For petrol gas type mowers there is a recoil type start which consist of pulling a rope which assists the engine to turn on.

Now deciding whether to buy a petrol or electric type mower you have to take the following in consideration:

Electric based are normally considerably cheaper so if your on a budget and money is a big factor then this may be the most appropriate option. However with the petrol based option they are considerably more powerful and are often cordless making it that much more convenient. Countering the previous statement there may also be corded electric option however these would mean that you would have to keep re-charging which would be a nuisance for some people. Additionally the charge may not hold for as long as the petrol would making it less efficient.

Concluding this segment of electric and petrol based mowers it would make sense to purchase the petrol based for larger lawn and the electric would be appropriate for a smaller setting.

Blade override

This handy feature essentially in simple terms stops the blade’s from spinning but keeps the engine running. So therefore when you let go of the safety lever instead of the engine stopping it will keep running. This allows the operator the leisure of taking their hands of the mower for a quick moment to take care of some litter or perhaps tie their shoelace. It may be required by law to have this safety feature be we more than recommend picking one that has this feature for the safety of the people around you and for your convenience.

Handling grass residue

The options for this is to either mulch the grass which basically means cutting up small pieces and applying them back to the garden. The grass left over that is turned into mulch is practically invisible since it so finely cut. Another options would be to store it which could be for multiple reasons. Maybe you want to keep the lawn tidy or even transport the remaining elsewhere. Then there is the option to discharge which usually takes less power. Some models even have a facility allowing you to discharge the grass from the side of the mower.

Some or even may models come with the multipurpose option allowing you to do either of the three. Now this obscenely depends on what you want to do with the residue. If you purely just want to mulch then t may be a better option to buy a mode that solely mulches the grass since that its specialization. However for convenience sake the multi purpose models are generally the superior options in this scenario. Circumstances change and thats when the options come in handy.

Without further delay we will now proceed to list the top 5 self propelled lawn mowers that we have gathered from our conclusive research.

 Troy-Bilt TB330 163cc 21-inch 3-in-1 Rear Wheel Drive Self-Propelled Lawnmower

Here we have a self propelled lawn mower that not only looks the part but also lives up to its looks. The deck housing of the mower engine is colored red with a black storage bag which creates a good color contract making it look sporty and powerful.

The usability is highlighted with the ergonomic handle which is adjustable allowing the user of the mower to comfortably adjust the lever height to a suitable and comfortable level.  This in turn allows the person operating the mower to fully enjoy the experience of cutting or mulching the grass.

Adding to the customization of the mowers function the mower has the useful function of allowing the mower to cut as variable speeds. Specifically the mower comes with four different speeds allowing the user to mow at the appropriate speed for their specific purpose.

The rear wheel drive mower comes with 8″ wheels which are stated to be purposely designed for durability and maneuverability.

One function we like seems to be the multi-functional aspect of this mower. The 3-in-1 function of allowing you to choose between mulching , storing the grass in the rear bad and lastly discharging the grass. This versatility is greatly beneficial for the avid or active gardeners allowing them to cut their lawn to their specific style give them the choice of appearance of their garden.

The mower is powered by a 163cc “Briggs and Stratton” engine. The engine is then powered by gasoline . The engine should not be an intimating factor since it is failry easy to start with the ready start tech that has been implemented to make the lives of the user easier.  To further make life easier for the owner the engine does not need the oil to be changed. Instead it is only required to just add some oil to the machine. This saves the owner from the hassle of changing the oil.

If anything does go wrong with the machine there is no need to worry since this mower is equipped with a 3 year manufacture warranty. This is a good safety blanket for the use of the mower or if you are worried about the mower being damaged.

All in all this is a good choice for a self propelled mower and is definitely among the higher tier in terms of quality, design and service from the manufacturer.

Swisher WBRC11524 Predator Walk Behind Rough Cut Mower, 24-Inch

This self propelled mower manufactured by swisher is one that is not be overlooked. The appearance of the mower from the first look screams “power” with its sleek black look. The power has side panels at the very bottom which help shields the user or people in the surrounding from flying debris. This shows that some thought has been made into the design process of the mower.

The mower is powered by a 11.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine that is equipped with a recoil based start system. This mower is also as powered and has the gas tank capacity of just under a gallon.

This mower is also equipped with a variable speed function. While there may also be other mowers that have variable speeds what sets this mower apart is that it has a reverse function just like a car. This is a highly convenient function which prevents the owner from the struggle of manually pulling the mower. This adds to the usability of the mower opening the opportunity for people with many types of mobility levels to operate the mower.

The handle bars are adjustable and are unique when amongts the other mothers. The handle bars allow hand controls to ease the operations of the mower.

The mower itself is manufactured in the US which may be good news for those nationalists. Furthermore It comes with a one year manufacturer warranty in case anything goes wrong although you would need to read the terms and conditions of the warranty for coverage details.

One thing to note with this mower is that it weighs just under 250 pounds so if you were to order this then t would be sensible to have some help lined up from someone who sis able to handle heavy goods.

GreenWorks Pro MO80L510 80V 21-Inch Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower, 5Ah Battery

The greenworks pro mo80l510 is a battery powered mower and provided the 5.oah can run up to over an hour. These are some impressive metric taking into account it take just 30 minutes to fully charge.  While it is an electric mower it is cordless which is useful and more practical since some electric mowers are wired which is less than ideal.

Operating the mower is also simple and easy. Equipped with a push start button which just requires a push from the operator to seamless start the mower. Adding to the ease of use the mower is also easier to maintain since its electric powered and does not need oil change or mixing. This allows the owner to spend less time and money on maintaining the mower.

There are also environmental benefits that may come with the electric self propelled mower. Since there are no fumes with the electric based models this reduces the carbon emissions and pollution in the area. So these is good news for particularly for those with neighbors and depending on the noise it wouldn’t be as disruptive mowing in the morning compared to a gas powered mower.

Not only does it stop there but there is also a reduction in noise pollution since there may be a reduction in noise compared to when operating a gas powered mower. In terms of performance for measurement sake this mower operates to the equivalence of a 160cc gas engine.

Not only are the electric powered mowers are less noisier then this would corresponds to the vibration which would ultimately mean there is less vibrations on the mower. This ultimately would allow the operator to have a more enjoyable and less difficult experience using the mower.

While on the topic of ease of use this mower is equipped with large 10 inch rear wheels which make making turns and mowing on harsh surface more easier. This also adds to the durability since these larger wheels appear to be more tolerable to conditions that would otherwise damage smaller size wheels.

Further adding to usability this mower also has height adjustable handle bars allowing owners of different heighs and mobility levels to adjust to their preferred height Not only that bu this is particular useful on uneven surface with hills which then the user can adjust according to what setting they are in. So if they are on a hill they may reduce the height to improve the angle and usability and conversely on level surfaces they may change it to a higher height.

This model weighs only 79 pounds which may may it easier to operate and maneuver compared to the heavier models which is a plus.

In terms of functions this model also has the 3 in 1 multi-function of mulching bagging and side discharge. The bag has the capacity of 50l which is useful when bagging the grass.

The 21 inch steel deck adds to the premium look of the mower but also serves the purpose of protecting the inside components of the mower adding to the durability. Under the hood are twin blades which cut the grass at a low and precise cut.

So now you’ve bough the mower, and everything is going fine and year later something goes terribly wrong and you cannot operate the mower. Well the good new here is that the mower comes with a generous 4 year warranty and 2 years for the battery. So now all you have to do is contact the manufacturer and get it handled. However if you have been using the mower commercially then the  warranty is reduced to 1 year for both the mower and battery which is understandable since if used commercially then there is much more risk of damage to the machine due to the amount of use and perhaps transportation of the mower to client sites.

Owners of this model often comment on the convenience of storage of this mower. For storage the handles can be folded down to the base of the mower  and can be stored upright and some even store the mower vertically for ultimate space savings. There is also no hassle with checking on the mower for prolonged storage since it requires little maintenance unlike the gas powered mowers. So therefore you wont have to trek to your freezing shed in the winter to check up on the state of the mower.

In conclusion this mower is a good choice for those looking for a convenient and hassle free choice then this selection is ideal and sensible. In terms of maintenance this would require minimal time and costs since its electric and has a brush-less motor. Furthermore there is less exposure to potential toxins that the gas powered mower would possibly bring in to your environment.

However in terms of performance then you may be better of with a gas powered mower since they are generally more powerful and last longer with the fuel. Therefore if you value performance over convenience then this may not be for you and a gas powered alternative would do you more justly. However if you are a casual Gardner that requires a quiet and convenient machine with minimal expenses and maintenance then this would ultimately  be one of the best option for you.

Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-in-1 Variable Speed Self-Propelled Gas Mower with Auto Choke

You may associate the brand Honda to cars which they are pretty well known for. However you have know just learnt that they also manufacturer of this mower we are about to walk you through.

Appearance wise the mower is presentable with a black storage bag at the rear of the mower which makes it instantly know that its made by Honda due to the logo placed on it. The top of the engine is housed by a red and black case and a grey deck.

This mower has variable speed from 0 to 4 MPH giving you a freedom of choice to let you mow your lawn. the mower is powered by a GCV160 engine which s both carbon and EPA compliant which ensures its omissions are within the carbon regulations.

Owners of the mower have often complemented the mower on it intuitiveness and ease of the mower. To switch from bagging to mulching can be done from as easy as using a switch. The mower is fuel based and can be often started with a single pull. It is said to be easy to handle and relatively light compared to other mowers.

As perhaps briefly mentioned before the machine has the multi functionality of allowing owners to switch from mulching and bagging and emptying the bag when finished mowing is said to be easy. The blades of the mower are twin blades which ensure a precise and low cut. The mulch grass has said to be almost appearing in “powdered” form which speaks on the quality of the blades and cutting.

The wheels of the mower are 8″ ball bearing wheel make the mower nifty to handle and carry the powerful speed of the mower well. The foam handles make it comfortable and easy to operate. Adding to that the handles are adjustable to which caters to different height and mobility of people and the type of surface being mowed.

Not only the handles are adjustable as the cutting height adjustments are prepped with 6 different variations giving the owner the power to choose precise how long they want their grass in terms of length.

In terms of safety there is a function called the zone start safety system which cuts of the engine every-time you let go of the lever. This makes sure the machine wont fly of without you and run over or crash in to anyone.

In the course of ownership of the mower if anything does go wrong then you are covered with a a warranty that lasts 3 years from the date of the purchase. This gives you a nice safety net when using the mower and gives you that extra peace of mind which is always healthy. Stress is understated and we should always aim to be stress free. Before I veer off topic let me conclude the mower.

This mower is mostly celebrated by the owners. From its ease of use to the quality of cut. This is a very good choice for someone looking for a good powered mower and don’t mind the bit of maintenance that comes along with owning such a mower such as changing the oils.

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