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Now there may be a number of reasons you would want to acquire your self a pop up canopy. Maybe you have an event you want to host outdoors or even in your back yards, or maybe you just want the canopy to protect you from the sun in your garden with UV protection. On the other end of the scale you may want to enjoy yourself in the present of your own backyard while its raining and windy. The reasons could be endless really. But what we are here for and the most likely reason you are reading this in the first place is because you simply want to pick out the best pop up canopy for you. Now without being too long winded that is exactly what we will do will guiding you through some importing aspects you should look out for during you journey in the search for the best pop up canopy.

Specifically here are the features you should look out for when buying your pop up canopy.

Ease of set-up

Just like it says in the name, the canopy should be able to pop up. Now realistically speaking with different canopies they will differentiate  in the way you set it up. However you ideally would want one that is relatively simple to set up right? Its only logical. Generally speaking for pop up canopies thankful they retain the reputation for being easy to set up. Normally you wont even have to use any tools and they wont take more than 2 people to set-up. Now this obviously differs among different models slightly. But the general thought would be the more complicated and more ‘parts’ the canopies has the more complex it would be to set up. Same thing goes with if the canopy requires tool to set it up.

Picking a size

Now picking the size of your ideal canopy may be difficult since its difficult to visualize an ideal canopy in you garden with measurements unless you have some sort of superpowers.

But before you start asking yourself what dimensions you should be looking for you wound need to ask yourself the following questions. What do i intend to use the canopy for? The answer to this will then help us an sear the ideal size.

Maybe you want to host a barbecue in the comfort of your own garden? How many people are going to be at the barbeque? got that number? then what you should do is reserve around 10 to 12 square foot for each person. That should roughly give you the ideal size for that event.

Now if you want to host some sort of event where you want chairs placed in the canopy then you ideally want to give roughly 6 square feet per chair.

So while that gives you a rough idea of what sort of space you may need depending on the capacity you wish to use it would be sensible to look up the dimensions of the tables for examples you which to place in the canopy before you buy one so you can judge on the size.

Material and build

Next thing you would want to take into consideration when picking out your ideal canopy would be the materials and build quality of the canopies. There may be some trade offs and that the name of the game here. But it would be wise to do some comparisons.

Now in the market the pop canopies are made of either of aluminium and steel. The both have their advantages and disadvantages which we will point out.

In terms of the weight Aluminum is lighter than its counterpart. So those canopies with the aluminium frames or legs will be lighter and more convenient to carry out if you want to travel with the canopy. However since its lighter it will be more vulnerable to the harsher conditions.

So if you want something that will hold its own during harsh conditions then it would be wise of you to purchase a steel based pop up canopy.

In terms of the strength of the canopies granted they are manufactured with quality in mind then there will be no instantly difference between the two, however over the aluminium is slightly the weaker links so if you want to use this commercially or often then you would be better off with the steel yet again.

In terms of corrosion both materials are susceptible to corrosion naturally.  However in this case the steel base is worse off since its produces rust which is always no good. On the other hand the aluminum would produce aluminium oxide which actually stops the corrosion from getting worse. However as you will notice when we go through the different model manufacturer will sometimes include some anti rust features to protect the canopy from the corrosion.

In terms of prices? well it depends on the market and manufacturers really. There is not set rule but you may be able to spot some trends.

Canopy top

The top of the canopy is something you will definitely want to take in to account. I mean after all it will protect you from the sun, wind and rain right?

Well it depends on a number of factors which we will go through now, so hold my hand.

Most canopy tops will either based on polyester or vinyl. Both are not bad but again both have their strengths and weaknesses. The more durable in nature would be the vinyl since they are fundamentally stronger. However that does come with its heavier weight and a more pricier tag. Speaking of weight there is a term coined ‘denier’ which puts in numbers how the thick the top is. The general trend would be the higher the number the more thick and heavier it would be and consequently the more expensive. Anyways the material you choose would depend on how often and how you would rely on the canopy. Are you going to use it often? will it be constantly accommodating people ? If so then you would be better of with the vinyl top.

Firstly in terms of protection from the rain or water it depends on the type of canopy you have. Is it water resistant ? or is it water proof? Whats the difference I hear you ask?

Well if the top is water proof. Then the name is all in the pudding. In other terms the top will not allow the water to pass through from the top.

“OK what is water resistance then?” Well with a canopy that is water resistant , it will try and hold a lot of water but it will be susceptible to some water penetration since it will only be some much it will be able to absorb.

Well in this case you would conclude that the smart option would be to go for a water proof canopy right? Well there are not many of those I’m afraid. Why? Well its for a good reason actually with it being they are not the most durable especially when you often take it down, pack it up, then put it back up again. It just wont be able to handle it and will therefore be not very water proof at all. So overall the water resistant top would be the better choice for both you and the manufactures.

Another thing toy may want to look out for would be IV protection from the sun. This would differ on your priorities list depending on your live but if you live somewhere where you need protection from the Sum then this is a big plus.

Canopy leg

When browsing the market and looking at the different types pop up canopies, you many notice a little something about the legs. You will see that some models have straight legs and some have slightly slanted legs. Structurally speaking the straight leg version are superiors since they are more stable for obvious reasons. Furthermore in terms of coverage they are more efficient since they can cover more people while the same size slanted leg structure would cover less people.


While we fundamentally covered the basics of what you need to consider when picking out a pop up conopy in this section we going to cover the little extras that some models gave to offer.

Some models may offer sidewalls along with the pop up canopy. This basically acts like a wall for the structure giving you that extra bit of privacy or protection from the wind or sun. If you are considering some sidewalls then it may be smart to consider a package deal from the manufacturer to make sure the sidewalls are compatible with the main structure.

Now if you want some assurance for the stability of the canopy then you may also want to consider some oof the following items such as stakes, anchors or weight-bags. Now one of these may come with the canopy you pick which is always a plus so make sure you keep an eye for those.

Without further of do i think its time to finally go through some of the best pop up canopy tents in the market.

Abccanopy Kingkong-series 10 X 10-feet Commercial Instant Canopy Kit 

This canopy has been a pleasure to own from according to a number of different owners, which gives us a good prospective since the best people to know about the quality of this item would be those who own the item which seems only logical right? Yes.

The frame of this canopy is steel which is good since its strong will be able to hold up well. To further to add to this the steel frame is height adjustable which is very good to hear That means you can adjust the height up to 3 positions to where it suits you.

The canopy is  10 x 10 feet and can provide or shelter 100 square feet of shade.

The canopy top is made of polyester which is also waterproof with hot sealed seams. The manufacturer seems to have made an effort to make sure the canopy top holds up against stress with the reinforced stress points. And if it does fail or the canopy becomes defective then you are covered with a one year manufacturer warranty.

For storage of if you planning on travelling with the canopy then it also comes with a free carry bag which is convenient.

It has also be commented by the owners that it is relatively easy to set which is a plus.

Overall this canopy wouldn’t be a bad choice at all, Its easy to set up and is well crafted and you also have the choice of many colors so you can pick you ideal style.

CORE 10′ x 10′ Instant Shelter Pop-Up Canopy Tent

This canopy provided 100 square feet of shade and coverage for the small event you may have in your back yard. It is also advertised as only requiring 2 minutes to set up. All you have to do is pull apart the frame , attach the top and then click the frame legs in. The frame is based on the durable steel material which should hold up against winds but you should add some extra weights on the legs if you live in a particular windy area.

The canopy top also has the handy feature of vents on the top to allow the humid air to circulate out the canopy to retain the coolness.

The top is also claimed to have 50+ UV protections which is useful if you live in a hot are or even if you plan to bring to a beach.

The canopy also comes with a wheeled carrier bag which is convenient for travel and storage.

Overall this is not a bad choice of a canopy. Its good for some light and occasional use but it may or may not hold up in harsh conditions.

Eurmax Basic 10×10 EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent Entry Commercial Level

This canopy is a suitable for commercial use. Its consists of three heights at the choice of the user which are 10.5 ft , 10.8 ft and 11 ft.

The large and sturdy steel base provides coverage of up to 100 square feet and easy said to be easy to put up and  take down. One thing we do have to remind you though is that since this is a commercial level canopy  it is relativey heavy s you should be prepared for that. The package weight is roughly 60 pounds whilst the actual canopy itself is around 50 pounds so if you do need some assistant , then you should be prepared.

The top is made of polyester fabric that is said to be completely water proof , and blocks majority of the UV sun rays giving you the protections from the sun.

Overall this canopy seems to be one of the best tin terms of quality although it is a tad heavy. It also comes with a wheeled carrier bag. If your looking or something strong and sturdy that will hold you up but don’t mind taking some time to set up up then this canopy would be you ideal choice.

Abba Patio 10 x 10-Feet canopy

This black sleek looking canopy is one that will certainly protect you form the sun since it has UV protection. The main frame is made out of steel which is said to be ok by most users. The top is water resistant although there may be some leaking through the seams on some occasions.

No tools are required to set the canopy up, maybe some hands , help and some pushing and shoving would suffice. This canopy is ideal for occasions and should not be used as a permanent shelter.

It comes with a carrier bag which is ideal for storage and travel.

Overall this is a good looking canopy  and seems to be well structured and would be great for events and recreational use.