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Is there a best garden hose?

Well the answer is that it depends on the type of garden you have and variables which we will go through very shortly. This would highlight the best garden hose for you.

In this post will delve in the details on what makes a great garden hose, what you should look out for and eventually recommending the right or best garden hose for you. During the article we will be listing the best garden hose one by one for each scenario. The aim is to provide the best all around buying guide for garden hoses while also keeping it simple.

Pssshhht! Spoiler.If you would like to skip all the details and just want the selection of the best garden hoses, we have carefully laid them out in the table below:

Things to consider…

In this section which we will try to keep brief we will be going through very important things to consider when deciding upon which garden hose to buy, and hopefully we will answer some questions you had in mind while doing this.


With the size of the hose in this case it does matter. Depending on the size of you garden and how you intend to use the hose the size specified to you will vary. However in this very moment we will have to debunk the myth that the bigger size does equals a better quality. In fact its quite the opposite as the larger the hose the less water pressure and the harder it is to handle and store. We will delve in to this in a little more detail.


The is a general correlation with the length of the hose and the power of the pressure. It works out that the longer the hose is the weaker the water pressure would be.

With this  in mind the sizes the hoses come in are normally , 25 ft , 50 ft , 75ft and even 100 ft. Generally it is advised that its better to stay away from the very end of the spectrum since this would be counter productive so if your garden is very large then you would be better of buying two making sure you dont compromise on water pressure.

If your still not convinced buying a moderate sized hose (up to 50 ft) is appropriate, buying a large water hose e.g 100 ft , would be very hard to operate and handle and may just also pass as you’re worst nightmare. And I am not joking. Besides the jokes the excessive length garden hoses tend to be more prone to kinks which is one of the most annoyances gardeners experience when operating a garden hose. This is often the main reason why users are so focused on buying a garden hose that does not kink.


The diameter of the water hose differs generally among the different products and each serve different types of users. The question you most likely are asking your computer now is which one is best for me? Well it depends on a number of factors such as the diameter of the household piping. For example if the diameter of your house piping is 1/2″  (half an inch) then majority of the users would only require a water hose diameter of 1/2″ depending on the needs. They could also use 5/8″ but this also depends on the use case and how much water pressure you want.

The diameter of the water hose impacts the water volume, pressure and stream of the water that the hose expels. Generally the smaller the diameter of the hose will expel a narrower water stream. The most common diameter sizes in the market are 5/8″ and 5/8″.


Another thing to take into account is the material of the hose. They are generally made of either rubber, vinyl and both carry different advantages and disadvantages. Generally rubber hoses are more expensive while also being more durable under harsh conditions and also tend to be a bit heavier. Rubber water hoses are also able to handle hot water better. Vinyl based water hoses are less expensive and much lighter in terms of weight.

Adding to the topic of material you may hear the word “ply” or “plies”. This refers to the amount of layers of the hose. The more plies/layers will add to the  toughness and strength of the water hose which one would say would add to the durability

The outside coating of the hose is also worth noting. Some water hoses are just coated with rubber while some have a fabric and rough coating ensuring durability.

Water drinking safe

If your intention is to transport drinking water or drink from the hose then it is essential to make the appropriate checks that the product has some form of approval. Some hoses in the market are safe to drink water from and this will be highlighted by us when reviewing their products. Furthermore when looking yourself it should explicitly say that it is water drinking safe and would be best accompanied by some form of approval.

Now moving on to our picks on what we think the best garden hoses are:

Different types of water hoses.

There are several variety and types of water hoses each serving it specific purpose. It may confuse at first with all the different types of hoses but we will try to break it down as easy as possible what each one is best for and then you can decide from there which one is best suited for you.

Expandable garden hoses.

These are a common sighting in the market when you being you search on amazon or any other retailer. And they tend to be a popular choice. Its all in the name. They expand to a greater amount of length compared to when empty or not in use. Thus making it easy to store and convenient without compromising on performance. The quality of these product depend on the types of materials and technologies used.

Soaker hose

The soaker hose is generally they type you leave on the floor of the surface you require to nourish and soak with water. This allows it to reach the soil of the surrounding area.  The release of the water is slow allowing you to preserve water. This also saves you time since you dont have to manually operate it.

Flat hoses.

All in the name this type of hose is virtually visually flat when not in use which is fairly convenient so they obstruct the driveway. adding to the convenience they don’t kink since they are flat. However since they are normally thin and flat this combination makes it susceptible to puncture from sharp objects. Furthermore they are not easily operable from angles or corners since it is flat.

Coiled hoses.

1 -Hospaip 50ft expandable garden hose

With outstanding reviews and feedback from customer we couldn’t hold back from bringing you in on a adequate and dare I say a good quality garden hose. Manufactured by a brand called “Hospaip” the hose is made with an extra strength and expandable fabric cover which makes good cause for convenience.  The whole package is fairly light weight weighing at just 3.72 pounds. The hose also accompanies a nozzle with a rubber handle for grip thus making it slip resistance. And has 8 nose patterns on the nozzle giving you an abundance of streams to choose from.

These types of hoses normally come in a spiral coiled form making it very convenient when storing. They are also  generally light weight but are not suited for all use cases. They are normally better from smaller spaces like you front patio. Furthermore they Dont rest on the ground due to its structure so it may obstruct or knock over your garden items.

Another good thing is that there has been no Kinking with this hose with many users commenting that they did not experience any kinking which is a big advantage over other garden hoses as kinking is a common experience that brings annoyances to the customers.

The core of the hose is constructed of double latex core which is no surprise there were no complaints of leak if any.

A often commendation received from the users of this hose is how easy to use, storage and handle. This is great for anyone and doesn’t require a great amount of strength to handle. This makes it possible for elderly people to even operate and use while gardening.

The hose also comes with a free compact storage bag allowing you to store the garden hose in a compact space when not in use. This again highlights the convenience of the hose as when the water is shut of it is said to shrink to as around 8″ which is a great contract to the full 50″ capacity.

In conclusion the Hospaip 50ft garden hose seems to be the best option in the market so far in our opinion from our research. It proven to be a reliable , convenient and durable hose which are all outstanding qualities and not always common among other garden hoses.

2 – Flexzilla garden hose 

This product manufactured by a company called Flexzilla has gained a mostly positive feedback from the users. It is commonly described as light and flexible which are both good for a hose. Again this product is advertised as drinking water safe due to the use of the hybrid inner polymer material. It is also lightweight and is said to be weighing at about 8 lb in its totality. The diameter of the hose is 5/8″ which is a common measurement among hoses. The durable hose is also said to be resistant to a wide variety of weathers with it being able to handle temperatures from as cold as -40 to as hot as 150 Degree F Ambient. The unique feature of this product and what stood out to us was the swivel grips on each hose end. This easily allows you to comfortably attach the swivel-grip to the hose nozzle. All in all this seems to be a very reliable and quality hose.

3 – Clearflow water garden hose

One of the first advantages of the clearflow garden hose is that is drinking water safe and is formally approved by the national sanitation foundation. This means that the hose will not interfere with the water flowing through, keeping it from the toxins and chemicals from the water.
Furthermore this hose is very light in terms of weight thus allowing it to be operated, packed and moved with ease. In the winter months the cleaflow garden hose will be able to endure cold as it is said to be freeze resistant and will retain its ability to remain flexible until -40. The following table is a quick summary of the pros and cons.

LightweightSometimes Kinks
Easy to handleNot intended for heavy duty purposes e.g power washing
freeze resistantnot ideal for hot water use
Water drinking safe

4– bst power 50ft garden hose

This particular hose as improved due to some problems the previous design was facing and as a result the bst power garden hose in now more durable. This garden hose does not kink which would be due to the design and nature of the garden hose. This hose is very durable and benefits from an almost double latex core minimizing leakages and prevent bursting of any kind. Adding to the durability again is the nylon webbing used by the hose which is bound to increase the life time of the product by preventing and mitigating any damage to the hose.

5- water right 400 series slim water safe garden hose review

One of the first apparent impressive qualities of this garden hose is the fact that its soo light in terms of weight. The weight of the package if you decide to buy it will add up to the grand total of 3.9 pounds meaning minimal effort is needed when handling the package. The flow rate of the hose is around 5.5 gallons per minute which is good for general use around you’re garden. Furthermore the hose is also drinking water safe which is always a plus. As far as chemicals and materials used it is made of polyurethane and is NSF and FDA certified according to the manufacturer which is a good sign. It is also reiterated that this product is free from toxic chemicals such as lead and BPA.

This is certainly a good choice with a good proportion of users complimenting the product on its ease of you and no longer having to fight with the hose like a firefighter. Accompanied with a good burst pressure rating of 400 PSI it is certainly also a very safe choice.

We’ve put together a small table below to briefly cover some of the features.

drinking water safecapacity may be reduced due to circumference
100% lead free
light weight
4-5 gallons per minute

6- LawnPRO 50’ Expanding Garden Hose

The company of that manufactored this hose stated that this hose has been redesigned for what we hope is the better. Judging from the feedback this hose seems to be very popular among its purchasers. The hose is a standard 50 feet and comes with a 12 month manufactures warranty in case anything happens or you are not happy with the product. This may put you at ease if you are but hesitant with picking your new garden hose. This improved hose is now protected by a 5000 denier woven fabric casting to improve the durability of the hose by preventing any ruptured seams. This hose is also convenient and easy to pack as it it comes with a bag which is intended for the storage of the hose.

Maintaining your garden hose.

Taking care of the garden hose would be something that would be sensible to consider since your considering or very close to buying one. So why not quickly inform you on some quick way to take care of you current or future garden hose. This is useful if you want to ensure the hose lasts for a long time and operate flawlessly without any problems.

Firstly it is far better once done with the hose to store it in doors like a shed etc. This lessens the possibility of  rodents or animals from damaging the hose and also the weather may have an impact on the material of the whose and the extent of the potential damage depends on the material of the outer coating. Furthermore if you prefer to keep the garden hose on a reel the best place to situate the reel would be somewhere away from the direct sunlight. Additionally if using the reel it rather than winding in the astray garden hose from a distance it is much better to take the full garden hose to the reel manually and wind the hose around the reel loosely.

This is important if you dont want the garden hose to kink. Often wrapping and storing it too tightly will cause it to kink when you operate the hose.

But before storing the hose indoors it is important to properly empty all remaining water from last use. A useful and easier way to empty the hose from the residue water would be to place the hose on a elevated surface such as a patio table and then proceed to let the end of the hose to drop on the floor whilst the remaining of the hose is still elevated. This will allow the water to drain out. Another way would be to simply grab the hose from one side will pulling the remaining of the hose towards you allowing it to drain.

Another quick simple tip some may forget is that when you are mowing the lawn please inspect for any siting of a garden hose since some may camouflage well and why we recommend storing it indoor.

The ultimate garden hose FAQ

What is the best garden hose length?

Well it depends on the size of your garden. Generally the best way to find the specific answer would be to measure the largest distance from the outdoor faucet or water source and the judge appropriately a size corresponding to the measurement of your garden. It is generally better to add a few inches above the actual size to give you more room. This would then allow you to freely wonder around your garden without obstructing any plant or trees.

should i just buy the cheapest one?

Well it depends on your budget, use and how long you tend to keep it for. If you want something of higher quality and durable then these use the more costly materials and generally tend to cost more.

My hose is leaking what shall I do?

Well you can go two ways with this. Many of the products often come with warranties and depending on the terms of the warranty you may be able to get it repaired by the manufacturer or seller. This is why its sensible to check beforehand whether the products come with a warranty as this is always an advantage.

The other option is that you may prefer to repair the hose yourself. Depending on the extend and severity of the leakage and the type of hose it may be more sensible to repair the hose. This can be done by a number of ways. If the leak is coming from the actual garden hose then you would need to cut the severed part of the hose and utilize a appropriate hose repair it or mending kit which may be found in a local store

How can  I keep my hose from kinking?

The first thing to do would be to unkink the hose as soon as possible. After this its better to follow a course of prevention. Just like previously mention it a very good idea to generally take good care of the whose by making sure it is loosely wrapped up when stored and not tight. Also making sure not to keep the hose exposed to large amounts of direct sunlight as this will more than often degrade the hose.

Also generally the more thicker and layers of rubber the hose has the more suited it is for resisting kinks and splits.

Is the garden hose drinking water safe?.

This varies across different manufacturers and brands. Unless it is explicit stated and accompanied by some formal certification or reasoning then we generally advise to not consume the water from the hose. There are however a variety that are drinking water safe that we have covered above.


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