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So its fall or autumn, that season where all the lovely leaves are artistically scattered on the floor and apart from looking good they just get in the way or are messy. Judging by the name someone also had the same problem and came up with an idea for a leaf blower.  So instead of straining yourself and picking up the leafs or even debris individually which would be wasting time, the ultimate solution would be the use of a leaf blower.

In this particular case we will examine a specific type of leaf blower which would be those that are cordless. You may stumble upon this article with the intention of picking out the best cordless leaf blower out of the many that are on the market. We will try to help and guide you through the process of choosing the right one.

Firstly the main reason you will be looking specifically for a cordless leaf blower in the first pace may be the convenience it brings. Unlike the corded leaf blower you are not at the mercy of the length of the cord. If you own a large garden or if the area you intend to use the leaf blower for is large then using a corded leaf blower would be less than ideal whereas the use of the cordless leaf blower would give you the freedom to roam wherever you want. However there is an obvious drawback with this situation. You are pretty much reliable on the battery life of the leaf blower. The times you can use the cordless leaf blowers for vary from model to model which is the main reason we are writing this article now. That is to compare the different features and capabilities of each model. However sticking to the point the corded leaf blower would bring unlimited usage depending on how much of electric you wish to use. It is a slight trade off at this point but then each situation is unique and the choice of which may be obvious depending on your needs.

One type of leaf blower that has the best of both worlds would be the gas powered leaf blowers. The gas powered leaf blowers are incredibly more powerful with some models having a maximum speed of up to 250 miles per hour. However with all these advantages there is some drawback with the gas powered model weighing considerably more than their electric powered counterparts.a Which is why some of them have the backpack feature to make it more bearable to carry.

There are a number of things to consider when evaluating the different leaf blower models.

Firstly one of the factors to consider is the power of the leaf blower. They are normally expressed and numerated in two ways. That is in terms of miles per hour and cfm which stands for cubic feet per minute. In simple terms this displays n measurements how fast the air blows or flows from the leaf blower. The more miles per hour or cubic feet per minute the more powerful the leaf blower is.

If you are looking at electric battery powered leaf blowers then its is important to look at the battery life and how long a charge would hold. The battery also determines the power of the leaf blower since this is the main power source which makes sense. The superior battery type seems to be the lithium iron battery. The reason for this is because they are generally lighter in terms of weight and they last longer than their alternatives. Furthermore the power is consistent meaning there is not drop off in the power when using the leaf blower.and to put the nail in the coffin the lithium based batteries last longer and are rechargeable a lot more before the life runs out.

If you have other gardening appliance like a mower then a it may be convenient to buy under the same brand to save on the rechargeable batteries however take this with a pinch of salt since its important to consider more important factors. However it is one to consider.

Another factor to consider is the amount of noise the use of the leaf blower generates.  The measurements used for the noise are decibels (dBA) . Generally the lower the decibels or DBA then this means the lower the noise pollution. Depending on where you live there will limits that will need to be adhered to and follow. So therefore it is very important to always look for the dba rating of the leaf blower you intend to buy and make sure it is under the legal limit for you area.

Speaking on power it would be sensible to consider whether the model have the ability for the user to change the power or speed settings of the leaf blower. This feature of the leaf blower could be considered one of the most important since it give the owner the power of choice. No pun intended. The versatility really helps since the amount of leaves to blow will always differ.

One overlooked factor when pick a leaf blower is the usability , design and ease of use. The usability is really important since it ensures you that you can enjoy the rest of the features the leaf blower brings you without any difficulties and pain. A ergonomic and well designed leaf blower will definitely be superior to a mower powerful well designed leaf blower. It makes it safe to use since you really need good controll when operating a leaf blower. The last thing you want is to blow leaves all over you elderly neighbor causing them to be injured. That would be the nightmare situation. Not only is it safer to buy a easy to operate leaf blower but it much more efficient. you will be able to blow all the leaves to the desired place in no time if you are able to control it comfortable and closely. So in conclusion, a well designed and easy to use leaf blower is a good choice.

GreenWorks Pro GBL80320 80V

This blower seems to be complemented by the owners often and there is hardly any discontentment from the owners of this model which is always a good sign. At 500 CFM this is a good level of power for medium sized lawns and they should be cleared from the menacing wet leaves and twigs in a reasonable time and effort.

Since this is a battery powered blower there is little if any maintenance involved with this blower apart from charging batteries of course! But this surely beats the tedious oil mixing and gas/ fuel filling related tasks. Staying on the topic of convenience the blower can be stated with just a simple push of a button and you will be provided with up to 125 mph of blowing power in that instance. Well not that instance since it does have a soft start which literally takes it a couple of seconds before it reaches it full power which is pretty close.

Since green works is a common manufacturer in the garden tools area you may be able to save money since the 90 volts chargers may be able to commonly used across appliances which is a bonus but you may have to double check on that.

Speaking of batteries this specific blower utilizes a 80 volt lithium battery which we already mentioned before is superior to the other batteries since it utilizes power consistently. Give it half an hour charge time and you will be able to use it again to battle those leaves or twigs.

This model also has the variable speed and power settings. So you have 3 setting to choose from which are low medium and high which should give you control and to further add to this you can completely control the air flow of the blower by the trigger. The more or further you hold it back the more air flow that will be going though. This gives the operator of the blow an abundance of control allowing you to efficiently operate the blower tailored to each use case.

This mower does weigh around 5 pounds which is reasonable considering the power and capabilities of the machine. This should be operable by the average mobile human being.

Again in the case if something terrible goes wrong with the machine you are given that peace of mind with the 4 year manufacturer warranty which should cover you with most defects and other problems provided it wasn’t misused which is reasonable.

In conclusion this blower is a good choice for most lawn and yard work such as clearing leaves and such.

Makita XBU02Z 18V X2

Again, this Makita leaf blower is one model that’s is highly complemented by its owners which gives an insight in to the quality of the product or at least gives us a good reason for us to assume good.

This cordless blower shares some common benefits with the rest of the electric cordless blower which is more or less no maintenance  required and less sound pollution and toxic emissions.  With that in mind at 473 CFM this gives the owner substantial power to utilize with the blower which should and will take care of most consumer tasks whether that be it clearing your lawn or front yard.

This is powered with 2 18 volts batteries which gives the blower the combined power of 36 volts. Furthermore, the housing of said blower is sophisticatedly designed with the a double housing along with a sponge structure in order to reduce and absorb the noise levels all that power creates. The results of this?  A sound rating of  60 decibels Db(A).

The control of this blower is given to the owner with the choice 6 speed and velocity setting giving the operator which would be you ample options on how powerful you want the blower to run. This again adds to the efficiency since the owner can tailor the setting to each unique situation and are not stuck to high power or low power.

Provided there are 2 batteries which will be used at once this may spark some concern with the consumer. However, the fact is that the weight of the blower is ideally balanced with the each batterie.

The brushless motor is an added plus which prolongs the life of the motor and makes sure the motor runs seamless without excessive vibrations.

The weight of this blower is not to heavy weighing in at 8 pounds which should be operable by most.

The brushless motor is an added plus which prolongs the life of the motor and makes sure the motor runs seamless without excessive vibrations.

The weight of this blower is not to heavy weighing in at 8 pounds which should be operable by most.

Oregon Cordless 40V Max BL300 Blower

The Oregon cordless blower certainly blows! No pun intended there. But jokes aside at 507 cfm and an overall maximum air speed of 132 mile per hour this should be powerful enough to blow away any household task like those annoying wet leaves you have in the front of your driveway.

You can do this in the fashion you desire since you are provided with the variable speed trigger allowing you to completely control the speeds you which to blow at. You are also provided with the additional power boost turbo button gives you that boost for those stubborn or tasks that require just that more push.

This model is powered with a lithium battery which comes with the common benefits of such battery such as consistent power use an longer run time, and just being overall more efficient than the alternatives. Furthermore, the premium cell technology means that the power can be stored for long durations idle at a storage unit without losing in power, which saves time and power.

The model is well designed with the buttons conveniently and appropriately place on and near the hand on the handle.

This blower is also not too heavy weighing in at just under 9 pounds. However, if you want just that extra bit of comfort then you can make the use of the straps provided which fit through the holes on the blower.

If the blower does break down or is defective then you are also covered with the 3-year manufacturer warranty for the blower itself and 2 years for the battery.

Overall this blower is not a bad choice for household and garden use and packs some power while also being convenient.

BLACK+DECKER LSW60C 60V Max Power Boost Blower

This model from black and decker should and will be able to handle all the light work that is required among the common household like clearing the garages from minor leaves and dust and getting rid of the leaves occupying the front yard.  While it is not the most powerful model in the market, maxing at 400 cfm it not something to scoff at.

In terms  power and speed control this model is equipped with a power boost button which you would utilize if the blower wasn’t already doing justice with the task at hand. Apart from that most of the power is dictated by how much you push down the main trigger. Not bad.

The model does weight a bit more than the other models we review here but not by a great margin. At 9 pounds you can judge for yourself if you are able to handle but you certainly don’t have to be a bodybuilder to handle it with comfort. But again, it depends on how you intend to use the blower and the duration.

One useful feature we found in this model which stood out to us but which is simple, is the battery charge indicator which illustrates how much power Is left with the blower. This is very useful since the blower won’t cut out on you out of nowhere and you will have some guidance with how to utilize the time left on the current charge.

If the model is defective or acquires a defect during the period of use you are backed up by a 3-year warranty which is good. So that minimizes the risk for you in case anything does go wrong.

All in all for this particular model. My verdict is that it’s a fairly safe pick for light tasks.

WORX WG591.9 56V Turbine Cordless Blower with Brushless Motor

As soon as you are confronted by this blower you can tell it looks like it means business. It also does seem to live up to that image in fact. With 465 CFM and air speeds of up to 125 mph this would be the ideal blower you would use to blow them scruffy leaves of you deck without much effort at all. This power wont blow the log away but it will comfortably handle leaves and such. This is because the handle is designed to be easily handled and ergonomic. The power also lasts for what seems to be an average time of 15 minutes on high power which is common with most cordless electric leaf blower and perhaps there may be a few exceptions for some other models.

This blower also comes prepared with multispeed control giving you that extra convenience on how to control the power of the blower do you can utilize it efficiently. Speaking of control this model is not too heavy weighing in at 5 pounds which is reasonable and wont strain you too much.

If anything goes wrong during the time you own and use the blower then you are given the safety net of a 3 year manufacturer warranty which should handle issues regarding the blower depending on the terms.

This blower is no choice to scoff at if you are looking for a blower that is capable of getting rid of leaves and twigs from your small to medium law or front driveway.


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